Monday, October 4, 2010

Import Tariffs to Be Lifted on Napa Cabbage, Radish

The Agriculture Ministry plans to temporarily waive tariffs on all imports of napa cabbage and radish until the end of the year to stabilize prices and deal with supply shortages.

Through the measure, the ministry expects cabbage prices, now at an all time high of more than W10,000 (US$1=W1,127) per head, to go down later this month.

In addition to importing 100 tons of napa cabbage the government also plans to add 50 tons of radish to its import list from China within this month.

But critics say this may only be a temporary fix to boost supply and not a long-term solution to prevent future shortages.

Napa cabbage is a main ingredient in the most popular type of kimchi, the staple spicy delicacy of Korea.
Arirang News / Oct. 04, 2010 10:5

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