Thursday, October 7, 2010

Commodity News Snapshot-Pakistan

KARACHI (October 07, 2010): Sharp recovery was witnessed on the currency market on Wednesday as the rupee maintained its surge mainly because of easy supply of the US currency, dealers said. The rupee was sharply higher by 14 paisa in relation to the greenback for buying and selling at 85.98 and 86.02, they said. In the third Asian trade dollar stayed near eight-month lows on the euro and edged towards a 15-year trough on the yen, hurt by expectations of Federal Reserve easing after Japan lined up its own reflation tools.

Prices remain firm on exporters' buying on cotton market
KARACHI (October 07, 2010): Prices showed firmness on the cotton market on Wednesday as exporters' buying helped the rates to retain the overnight levels, dealers said. The Karachi Cotton Association (KCA) official spot rate was inert at Rs 7,050; they said. In the ready business, nearly 20,000 bales of cotton changed hands between Rs 6,850-7,100; they said.

KARACHI (October 07, 2010): Following the directives of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), the Trading Corporation of Pakistan on Wednesday offloaded 24,800 tons imported sugar in open market to stabilise soaring commodity prices. The ECC on September 21, decided to offload 50,000 tons of imported sugar in the open market to overcome sugar crisis, as provinces had completely failed to sell subsidies imported sugar in domestic market at low rates during Ramazan, following which sugar price hit peak level of Rs 82-84 per kg in retail market.

KARACHI (October 07, 2010): The prices of gold and silver on Wednesday struck new highs of Rs 43, 350 per tola and Rs 650 per tola respectively on the local market, traders said. Gold reached the record high mark of Rs 43, 000 per tola a day before on the local market, surpassed to a new rise of Rs 43, 350. Similarly, the price of gold 10-gram exceeded to the highest ever level of Rs 37, 157 from previous high of Rs 36, 857, according to traders.

KARACHI (October 07, 2010): Gold and silver rates in rupees per 10 grams prevailing in major cities on Wednesday (October 06, 2010).

International News

KUALA LUMPUR (October 07, 2010): Palm oil prices hit a near one-week high on Wednesday on expectations of a new round of central bank action to ginger up weakening economies although a record US soy crop dragged on sentiment. Hopes of central banks easing monetary policies weighed on the greenback, as it would make dollar-priced commodities such as Malaysian palm oil and US soyaoil cheaper for big customers like China and India.

LONDON: Gold rose to record highs for a second day in a row on Wednesday as investors punished the dollar ahead of the Federal Reserve’s possible resumption of special measures to protect the flagging economy.

LONDON: Crude oil reached a fresh five-month high after the release of US government figures that showed a large fall in product inventories. Markets responded to this sign of high product demand by pushing up prices, despite simultaneous data showing a higher than expected rise in crude oil stocks.

MILAN (October 07, 2010): European wheat futures jumped on Tuesday on the back of strong gains in US grain futures and other commodities, shrugging off a rally in the euro that could hamper Europe's wheat competitiveness on world markets. Benchmark November on Euronext milling wheat futures closed at 205.75 euros ($283.3) a tonne, up 6.50 euros or 3.26 percent after hitting an intraday high of 206.00 euros. The next resistance level is estimated at 208 euros.

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