Friday, September 17, 2010

GRM Job Opportunity: Contract Farm Managers

The Contract Farm Managers will live in regional centres throughout the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. The will work in concert with a number of counterpart National Contract Farm Managers to coordinate and manage the practical activities of the Farm Management Service. The International Contract Farm Managers will support the capacity development of the National Contract Farm Managers so that they are competent and confident enough to take on the position at the cessation of GRM International’s involvement.

The Contract Farm Managers will report directly to the ADFSC Contract Farm Management Manager who in turn reports to the ADFSC Regional Manager.

Role and Responsibilities:

• Facilitate the development of whole farm plans for each nominated client farm

• Formulate production plans for each client farm based on market information, physical feasibility and economic viability.
• Provide management, supervision, instruction and advice to farm workers to implement production plans.
• Identify appropriate farm inputs to enable efficient production and assist management to find appropriate means of supply for these inputs.
• Identify plant and equipment requirements necessary to carry out farming activities and articulate are carried out efficiently and effectively.
• Implement planning, monitoring and evaluation procedures to ensure farm management activities are carried out efficiently and effectively.
• Visit contracted farms regularly to monitor activities.
• Provide brief monthly reports to management on progress of activities.
• Provide a comprehensive report on each farm at the end of the season to contracted farmers and management.
• Identify opportunities for improvement in the skills and knowledge of National Contract Farm Managers, ADFSC extension staff and farm workers and articulate this information to management.
• Assist to identify and implement innovative farming practices that contribute to increased production, economic and water use efficiency.
• Use practical experience to provide input into the ADFSC extension program.
• Coordinate with FSC staff and equipment in the regional centres to carry out farm management activities.

Qualifications and Experience:

• At least diploma level further education in a related field.

• Experience in one or more of the following farm production activities:
o Field Crop production in an arid and saline environment.
o Intensive livestock production in an arid and saline environment
o Fodder production in an arid and saline environment.
• Experience in the development and implementation of whole farm plans and production plans.
• Experience in supervising staff and developing capacity will be highly regarded.
• Experience in the delivery of agricultural extension programs will be highly regarded
• Language skills in English (essential), Arabic or Urdu or Bengali (preferred)

• A proven ability to learn and adapt to difference farming systems under difficult farming conditions

• Ability to work and live in remote areas under difficult conditions
• Ability to work and make decision under field conditions remote from management.
• Self starter, able to work under own management.

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