Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dept. of Agriculture Urges Farmers to Seek Flood Help

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is urging farmers impacted by flooding to take advantage of assistance programs.

The MDA is contacting area businesses to lend a hand with the flood recovery process as the state continues to assess flood damage.

"This flooding impacted many farms and businesses in Southern Minnesota," MDA Commissioner Gene Hugoson said in a statement.

According to the MDA, there are two primary farmer-assistance programs; the Minnesota Farmer Assistance Program and the Farm Advocate Program.  You can find links to both programs at the bottom of this story.

"Our regulatory divisions are contacting the businesses we work with, offering to help them get back into operation quickly and safely.  Unfortunately, farmers living in isolated rural areas tend to have more difficulty hearing more about and assessing the government services available to them."

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